Frequently asked questions

Do the volunteers sleep in the house of the kids? Is it possible to get a private room?

Yes, the volunteers sleep in the same house as the kids; one floor above them. Normally all the volunteers get a private room. Private bathrooms are only in the house of the boys. In "high season", from July to August, we do have the most volunteers during the year. During this time you may get a double room.


Are the working hours totally flexible? 

Yes, you can arrange your working time flexible. Because of the constant presence of the tutors, there is no need to stay during a specific time.


Do I have to organize the transfer from the airport or the bus station to the orphanage on my own?

No, Jeremy, the coordinator of the volunteers, will pick you up. Furthermore, he will help you during your first days and will give you a brief introduction.


If I stay, for example for seven weeks, how much are the costs for accommodation?

The price for one night is 10 US Dollar. Seven weeks = 49 days = 490 Dollar. You can also pay in Peruvian Soles. If you stay up to a month, the fee has to be paid at arrival. If you stay longer you can pay every beginning of the month.


Are there any other fees apart from the fee for the accommodation? 

10 Dollar per day and not more. We do not have hidden costs.


How many volunteers do you have on average? Where are the volunteers from?

From October to May we do have on average two to four volunteers. Between June and September there are five to eight volunteers. They are mainly from England, Austria, Germany and the United States. 


When do I have to enroll me in the program? 

We can arrange your stay as well at short notice. As a small organization, we can pay attention to every individual request. When you have booked your flight, please tell us your flight number and your dates. If you don't know yet your flight dates, we can reserve a place for you as well. For this purpose please tell us your approximate length of stay.