kostenlose Freiwilligenarbeit

Fairien is a non-profit organization that is helping you for free to organize your stay and settle open questions. That means that Fairien do not charge any commission fees or administration costs. Other organizations charge a lot and making money out of the volunteers. By the honorary work of former volunteers this service is absolutely free.








All the volunteers are housed either in the girls house or in the boys house. The rooms are located in the orphanage a level above the kids. So you live with the kids and learn to know how peruvians live are more included in the project.


There are rooms with private or shared bathroom, free WIFI, shared kitchen and common area for the volunteers. Food is not included.


All the revenue of the paid accommodation is going directly to the project! This fee will be paid directly to the manager of the orphanage in Peru and is used 100% for the running of the orphanage and for the kids! Nothing goes into administration of Fairien. Fairien provides this service for free and is a Non-Profit Organisation. Our purpose is to support the orphanage and to provide the volunteers a nice stay.


 There are a lot of cheap stores in the surroundings, a few supermarkets.

On average you can expect daily costs of 7 to 10$ for food and transport. 



  • taxi-drive: between 1$ and 2$ (3 to 7 Soles)
  • bus: between 0.20$ and 0.70$
  • 1 day-tour to surroundings of Cusco: approx. 25$

If you have more questions regarding the costs please feel free writing to us. Contact